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15 May 2009 @ 08:54 am
Approaching the final hurdle  
After much neglect of this livejournal I am glad to say that I have a lot going on, scholastically.
  • I'm awaiting a date to defend my thesis, which was finally completed in April. My committee will consist of Dr. Marilyn Legge of Emmanuel College (thesis director), Dr. Marsha Hewitt of Trinity College (internal examiner), Dr. Lee Cormie of St. Michael's College (departmental examiner), and Dr. Thomas E. Reynolds of Emmanuel, and Dr. Traci West of Drew Theological School, Madison, N.J. Dr. Michael Stoeber is the committee chair, who oversees the process.
  • I am crafting an article for a peer-reviewed journal out of one of the chapters. I submit this by June 1.
  • I am presenting a portion of a chapter at the American Academy of Religion in November. This will be my first time presenting a paper at a conference.
Other scholastic projects I have slated for this summer include:
  • Revising my website, which has been badly neglected during my dissertation writing.  I want to add pdfs of my masters and undergraduate theses, some articles from my course work, and something like mini-articles.
  • Crafting articles from the other chapters of the dissertation and submitting them to various journals.
  • Polish the documents in my teaching dossier and apply for teaching positions (if there are any in this economic climate).
  • Promote the completion of my study in the mainstream and queer press.

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