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robinsontheory's Journal

23 August 1973
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I am a feminist scholar and bisexual activist based in Toronto. I am currently working in the Social Equity and Health Research section of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, as project coordinator for a study on bisexual mental health.

My research interests include sexual ethics, religious prejudice (e.g., anti-Judaism), sexual identity development, sexual issues in religion, and Canadian First Nations postcolonialism. I have published on theological representations of gender in film, same-sex marriage, sexuality in new religious movements, and religion-based homophobia. I am a director and co-founder of the Toronto Bisexuality Education Project.

I have a BA in English and Religious Studies from Saint Mary's University in Halifax and a MA in Theology from St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto. My PhD dissertation included a qualitative study of the place of polyamory and monogamy in the sexual identity of bisexual women in Toronto.

For more information about my social positioning read my introductory post.

I aim to use this journal solely for theory and academic posts. My daily tedium is already being posted on Livejournal under the_moogie.